Ekireinoshima Gresseal -- PC Bio

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Ekireinoshima Gresseal -- PC Bio

Postby Okamisan » Mon Jan 07, 2013 10:26 pm

Name: Ekireinoshima Gresseal
Species: Gideoni
Gender: Male
Age: 35 (appears about 20 years older)
Height: 1.88m (6'2")
Weight: 81.65 kg (180#)
Hair: white
Eyes: brown
Marital Status: Single
Parents: Undisclosed
Siblings: Undisclosed

Background: Ekireinoshima Gresseal was born on the planet Gideon, one of the first generation since the great plague which wiped out over ninety percent of the planet's population. While the planet is still a nominal member of the Federation, very few of its inhabitants leave their world -- not all of whom survive the transition from their nearly germ-free planet.

Gresseal's given name at birth is undisclosed; his adopted name is a reference to his home, an island located off one of the planet's northern continents. The Gideoni are a very private people and it is common for them to change their names when leaving the planet for an extended time. This desire for privacy also explains the lack of detail about Gresseal's family in Starfleet records -- Gresseal simply declined to provide this information.

Physical Condition:

Lt. Commander Gresseal is physiologically somewhat older than his thirty-five standard years, having the appearance of a healthy human in his late fifties. This premature aging is likely due to the stresses on his immune system, which as a Gideoni was nearly non-existent at the time he left his home planet. According to records, however, he has been in good physical health for at least the last three standard years, and barring an encounter with pathogens presently unknown to Federation science, should remain so.
-- Dr. Dorian Lawrence, Assistant CMO, Starfleet Headquarters

Personality/Psychological Profile:

Near the beginning of our interview, I asked Lt. Commander Gresseal why he had chosen to leave his home planet, given that it was still very much in need of help to rebuild after the devastation of ninety years ago; and further given that leaving that unique environment was very likely to shorten his own lifespan considerably. His answer was telling: "Even though I carry them with me, I couldn't stand to spend my entire existence walking between burial mounds."

Lt. Commander Gresseal, like his species, can best be classified as a survivor: someone who generally appears quiet, reserved, perhaps even remote, but when danger of any kind threatens, will fight with whatever resources are to hand to preserve his life and those in his charge.

While he has shown instances of melancholy in the past, he is self-aware and knows when these could interfere with his service as an officer, and is capable of taking appropriate action. His past medical/psychological records amply attest to this. He most definitely does not--I repeat emphatically, does not-- have the "death wish" which is a stereotypical characteristic of Gideoni.
-- Dr. Gregoria Goya, Chief Counselor, Starfleet Headquarters
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