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Jhamari Mirsa -- PC Bio

Postby Okamisan » Mon Jan 07, 2013 10:36 pm


Name: Mirsa, Jhamari
Rank: Lieutenant, junior grade
Current Assignment: Bridge Auxiliary Officer, USS Lovell

Species: Aenar-Andorian hybrid
Gender: Female
Height: 5'2" (1.57 m)
Weight: 120 lbs.
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Cerulean
Date of Birth: October 4, 2278
Birthplace: Olian City, Olian Peninsula, Andor
Marital Status: Single
Next of Kin: Jarlath Mirsa, father. Rajina Mirsa, mother.

Background: Jhamari Mirsa was born to an Andorian father and an Aenar mother. Cultural differences between the two related species made her childhood somewhat difficult, but coming from a home with an abundance of love, and being loved by all members of her extended family on both sides has made her a well-rounded individual. Interests in mechanics and flying eventually led her to a career in Starfleet.

Education/Training: Excelled in all areas of academics in primary and senior education on Andor. Entered Starfleet Academy in 2296 where she continued to excel in flight control and navigation, starship operations, and computer programming. Graduated magna cum laude, class of 2300, with the rank of Ensign. Assigned to USS Lovell upon graduation, an Oberth-class vessel primarily assigned to deep-space exploration. Within six weeks of her assignment, was made a bridge auxiliary officer by Captain Patrick Laporte. Promoted to Lieutenant, junior grade, on her 25th birthday (October 4, 2303).

Medical Profile: Has a lithe body, graceful and athletic. Weight to build ratio is a little high, but the excess is all muscular, and so well proportioned that the difference isn't noticable. This is primarily a result of her hybrid genetics; she has said many Aenar women are small, and Andorian females are usually average to tall, with slightly denser musculature. Most notable physical traits are pale blue skin with a hint of gray, white hair (which is not as brilliantly white as that of most Andorians; this, also, is a trait of her Aenar blood), and two antennae, bi-laterally placed on the crown of her head.

Psychological Profile: Growing up half-Aenar, half-Andorian made childhood a little difficult for Jhamari. Though her relations on both sides treated her with love and affection, she was teased and ridiculed from time to time by her peers, most of whom were Andorian. This caused her to be most comfortable when she would visit the Aenar Enclave with her mother, the one place---besides home---she felt truly accepted. Very little angers her, the exception being the word half-breed, which was the insult most often used against her as a child. Being half-Aenar also gave Jhamari the psionic gifts of her mother's people. She is capable of sharing her thoughts with other Aenar, reading the thoughts of other species, and telepathic communication with Aenar and other telepaths. She was taught throughout her childhood by her mother that is not acceptable to read the thoughts of others without their express permission. This helped Jhamari develop a strong moral code, to which she adheres to this day.
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