Reality Changes

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Reality Changes

Postby Okamisan » Mon Jan 07, 2013 10:56 pm

Originally Posted 11/02/2005

Reality Changes
Ekireinoshima Gresseal

Gresseal stood near the edge of the bluff, looking out and down at the white and blue of the Pacific Ocean beneath him. Of all the places on all the planets in the galaxy he'd been to, this one reminded him the most of home. The sound of water exploding against stone, the smell of salt water on cold wind ... this, indeed, he would miss.

He liked it even better than the holodeck ... it was really just as well that they were still relatively rare and hard to get time in. They reminded him too much of the "spacemaker" virtual reality devices, so common back home before the Days of Dying. He'd found a whole building of them once, one of the many empty places at the edge of a town which was still being cleared. His father had explained what they were. The purpose of a spacemaker was to make the users believe, for the few hours they were allowed to use it each week, that they were alone. A desperate attempt to cheat reality.

Better, he thought, to adapt to the reality you had, or to change it and accept the pain change would bring. Or, wait a little while, and like as not, reality would change, offering new opportunities. The Power knew that a life in Starfleet had given him plenty of that.

And now it was time for another change, which was why he found himself standing at the edge of the sea, a large carrybag over one shoulder, saying another goodbye. His next reality lay out there, to travel again between the stars, in charge of a small team of medical specialists. Several of his friends told him it was a plum job, and wondered openly what strings he might have pulled to get the assignment.

The ironic thing was, there hadn't been any. Apparently, someone in charge of fleet assignments had gotten around to noticing that Gresseal had been in his post at Starfleet Academy for over two years without having had a chance to use his rank in the field, and chose the newly-formed DarkBio team to rectify the oversight. He could only hope he wouldn't prove a disappointment. Such hadn't happened yet, so it wasn't too much of a worry.

He sighed, giving the sea one last sad look, then turned and walked toward the shuttle bays. After a moment, he smiled to himself as he walked. He was alive, he was free, and he was living a life he had chosen for himself. What more could he really ask for?
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