Founding the Team

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Founding the Team

Postby Okamisan » Mon Jan 07, 2013 10:54 pm

Originally posted 10/30/2005

Founding the Team
Lt. PK Tomilson, Ens. Logan Tremaine, Adm. Sadako Nogura, Lt.Cmdr. Ekeireinoshima Gresseal

The summons came through to PK and Logan's communicators at the same time, but the message was the same: "You are being assigned to a new mission specialist team. Report to Admiral Nogura's office immediately for details."

Taking a refresher course was not one of the great plans that PK had on her mind when returning to Earth. Unfortunately the great minds at Starfleet Medical thought otherwise, which is why she and Logan were listening to another lecture on Xenobiology. Dr. Franscio looked up when he heard the communicators go off. Both Logan and PK tried to look as if the sound hadn't come from their badges.

"Lt. Tomilson, Ensign Tremaine, it would appear you are being summoned away from this class. Normally I would not allow such actions, but since it is the Admiral calling I will grant it this time. You will be required to make up the work upon your return."

Logan and PK looked at each other in confusion. They hadn't signed up for any new mission specialist team; they had no idea what was going on. They both stood up in unison and walked out of the class room. As they walked down the hall and out of the medical building, neither one of them spoke. It wasn't until they were half way across the academy grounds that PK finally broke the silence.

"What's this about a new mission specialist team? I've never heard of such a thing."

Logan looked at his friend and mentor and smirked, "Maybe it's something for dropouts like us -- maybe we're being assigned janitorial duties somewhere."

"Very funny Logan, very funny. Might as well head over to the Admiral's and find out what is going on. You never know, we might need hip waders for this one." They both chuckled as they walked the rest of the way to Admiral Nogura's office.

Upon arriving they found a young ensign sitting at a desk in front of the Admiral's door. Standing at attention, PK spoke with some authority. "Lt. Tomilson and Ensign Tremaine reporting as ordered."

The ensign pressed her comm and announced their presence to the Admiral. "She will see you now."

"Thank you, Ensign."

Logan looked at PK and smiled. "Age before beauty."

PK glared at him and reminded him that his turn would come. They both walked into the office, to the front of the large mahogany desk and stood at attention. "Lt. Tomilson and Ensign Tremaine, reporting as ordered Ma'am." Both stood with their backs ramrod straight and hands at their side. The next move was up to the admiral.

Admiral Sadako Nogura, who had the reputation of being every bit as formidable as her notable father, smiled at both of them. "At ease, please. In fact, take a seat. The third member of your new team should be here momentarily, so I'll wait for him and not have to repeat myself."

Logan looked at PK, who merely shrugged her shoulders. She was as much in the dark as Logan.

Taking one of the seats in front of the Admiral's desk, PK could feel the sweat start to trickle down her back. What is a mission specialist team and why would they pick us? "Ma'am, If I may ask, Just who are we waiting for?"

"The third member of your team, who will act as your pilot, command liaison, and technician when you need it," the Admiral said. A moment later the door opened and a man with thick grey hair entered and saluted the Admiral, then turned toward Logan and PK. "May I present Lieutenant Commander Ekireinoshima Gresseal," she said.

Gresseal turned and shook PK's hand, then Logan's, as the Admiral introduced them. "You can call me Gresseal, or just Grey," he said as he took a seat.

"Now then," Nogura said, "to satisfy what is no doubt maddening curiosity." She sat back at her desk and looked across at all of them, pulling a PADD across the desk toward her. "Since the Khitomer Accords, the Federation has been at peace, and our focus in Starfleet has been on exploration. But that, as we've all learned, is not without dangers. Some of the greatest of those dangers have been in the realm of the small -- microbially small, in fact."

She took a breath, then continued. "Starships and installations face such dangers almost every day. We have decided to form a number of small, specialized teams that can be sent out as needed to assist the regular ship and base crews. We are calling them the DarkBio teams -- and you three are team DarkBio One."

Dark Bio teams? What the hell are two, maybe three people supposed to accomplish on their own? That thought kept running through PK's mind as she looked over at Logan. She could tell that he was feeling the same unease or confusion.

Looking at the Admiral, PK took a breath and spoke. "Excuse me Ma'am, but just exactly what are these DarkBio teams supposed to accomplish? Ensign Tremaine and I are merely doctors. I'm sure that each starship or station has a well equipped medical sickbay. I'm not exactly sure just what our purpose would be?

"The specialized training you've been getting since you were posted back to the Academy will give you skills a bit deeper than the average ship or station medic," Nogura said. "When you or one of your fellow teams are dispatched, you'll back up the people already on site. You won't be working alone. And, if I may say so, Lieutenant, you and the Ensign are not 'just' doctors -- you are two of the best Starfleet has. You will continue to be doctors, but on this assignment you are being called to be investigators as well. We believe you are both up to the task. Do you not agree?"

Logan still looked skeptical. He wasn't at all sure what was going on. He had finally gotten settled in -- at least a little anyway -- now they wanted to send him off on some new assignment. It was going to take some adjusting, that was for sure.

PK looked at Grey, Logan and then back at the Admiral. "Begging the Admiral's pardon, but just what would we be investigating? As for being up to the task, neither Ensign Tremaine or myself have turned away from an assignment, and we aren't about to start now. It's just that this is all very sudden and new, not to mention a little intimidating. May I ask why you picked us for the first team?"

"So far, the two of you have been performing the best in the advanced training. Furthermore, you've demonstrated the ability to work quite well as a team. You'll need that. The first assignment is to be posted to the science vessel Lovell, which is presently patrolling the edges of First Federation space. They report some evidence of microbial life, which not only seems to thrive in deep space, but doesn't seem all that bothered by our present bio-filters. We need to study and understand the danger before sending any other vessels to explore that sector further."

Logan was the first to speak. "Are you saying that they have tried to beam this life form aboard their vessel and that the bio-filters in the transporters had no effect on them? Have they exhibited any signs of being a danger to the Lovell or any of its crew? Have they tried to communicate with it using some kind of sub-harmonics or anything of that nature? Sorry for all the questions, Ma'am."

PK looked at Logan and shook her head. She had to admit she had been wondering the same things herself. "Does the energy output from the Lovell's warp core have any effect on them, such as drawing them in or pushing them away? I hope they haven't tried using phasers on them?"

Now Logan was looking at PK with a smirk on his face. "What?" she said. "So I was curious. You got a problem with that?"

Logan just shook his head and chuckled. He knew PK was hooked. As far as that went so was he.

The Admiral smiled, knowing it too. "I don't have all of the details," she said, "but I believe Commander Gresseal does. You can consult with him while in transit. Your shuttle leaves in six hours. Any further questions?"

PK spoke first. "As for myself, Admiral, I have no further questions; however I am sure that I will come up with plenty to keep Commander Grey occupied for the duration of the trip." She looked over at Logan to see if he had anything to say and he simply shook his head no.

Both Logan and PK stood up with PK speaking for the two of them. "Permission to leave and pack our bags, as well as grab any extra equipment we might need?"

Nogura nodded, smiling. "Your messages will show the location of your shuttle's departure bay. Good luck. Dismissed."
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