Character Sheet: Lord Rufus Heily Starling

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Character Sheet: Lord Rufus Heily Starling

Postby Okamisan » Sat Feb 08, 2014 10:45 pm

Name: Lord Rufus Heily Starling
Player: Mark Houmayoun

Bio-Data Extract
Appearance: See picture
Personal Goal: Hmm, hadn't really given it much thought ... hey, what's that?
Personality: Curious, happier around gadgets
Background: Son of the Duke of Winston; has a knack for creating weapons
Story Points: 12 (max 12)

"The Unnatural Selector" -- Damage 4/8/12

Awareness 2
Coordination 4
Ingenuity 4
Presence 2
Resolve 3
Strength 3

Convince 1
Craft 3
Fighting 1
Knowledge 2
Marksman 2
Medicine 1
Science 2
Subterfuge 1
Technology 4
Transport 2

Boffin -- can create Gadgets using Jiggery-Pokery
Lucky -- when double 1s are rolled, re-roll (once only)
Quick Reflexes -- goes first in their Action Phase
Resourceful Pockets -- get a handy item for a story point or roll of doubles
Technically Adept -- +2 to fix broken devices, to use complex gadgets or equipment, or to create Gadgets
Sense of Direction -- +2 to regain direction when lost, or to navigate
Voice of Authority -- +2 to Presence + Convince to get people to believe you or do as you want
Insatiable Curiosity -- -2 to resist the urge to be impulsive
Obligation (Minor) -- Aristocratic family
Adversary (Minor) -- cousin Julia Boudica Cameron, professional and personal rival
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