Character Sheet: Julia Boudica Cameron

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Character Sheet: Julia Boudica Cameron

Postby Okamisan » Sat Feb 15, 2014 3:27 pm

Name: Julia Boudica Cameron

Julia Boudica Tyrell Cameron300x400.jpg

Bio-Data Extract:
Appearance: See picture
Personal Goal: To upend the Order of Things
Personality: Julia is altogether "unladylike" -- forthright, daring, and determined to prove herself the intellectual equal of anyone. She often has a wicked sense of humor as well.
Background: Daughter of Cecil Cameron and Rosalind Cameron (nee Starling), the elder sister of the Duke of Winston.

Awareness: 3
Coordination: 3
Ingenuity: 4
Presence: 3
Resolve: 3
Strength: 2

Convince: 2
Craft: 2
Knowledge: 3
Medicine: 1
Science: 3
AoE: Biology (+2 to rolls)
AoE: Chemistry (+2 to rolls)
Subterfuge: 2
Technology: 4
Transport: 1

  • Biochemical Genius (major good) -- Julia is a dab hand with chemistry and biology. She gains Areas of Expertise for the Science Skill in Biology and Chemistry and may create biological or chemical ‘Gadgets’ using the Jiggery-Pokery rules, using the Science Skill instead of Technology.
  • Attractive (minor good) -- Julia gets a +2 bonus to any rolls that involve her looks.
  • Boffin (major good) -- Julia can create Gadgets through the fine art of ‘Jiggery- Pokery’. More details on creating Gadgets can be found in the Jiggery-Pokery rules on p.68 of the Gamemaster’s Guide. (See also "Biochemical Genius" Trait above.)
  • Dark Secret (minor bad) -- [ spoilers!! ]
  • Adversary (minor bad) -- Julia has a long-standing rivalry with her cousin and fellow inventor Lord Rufus Heily Starling.
  • Technically Adept (minor good) -- Julia has a +2 to any Technology roll to fix a broken or faulty device, and to use complex gadgets or equipment. The bonus also applies to any gadget-creating jiggery-pokery.
  • Tough (minor good) -- The Tough Trait reduces the amount of damage that would normally be deducted from the character’s Attributes by 2. This is after any other effects, such as armour, are taken into account.
  • Photographic Memory (major good) -- Julia can commit something to memory to be instantly recalled when the time is important. If she knows she's going to have to remember something later, she can spend a moment to commit it to memory. She can recall it without having to roll. She can spend a Story Point to remember something vital that she may have glanced at or possibly missed altogether.
  • Impulsive (minor bad) -- Julia often does things on a whim and frequently regrets it. If she tries to resist the urge to be impulsive a -2 modifier is applied to an Ingenuity and Resolve roll.
Home Technology Level: 4
Story Points: 12
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