Some History of Lentheas

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Some History of Lentheas

Postby Okamisan » Wed Mar 16, 2016 9:33 pm

Created by Tioan

The History of Lentheas
Approximately twelve thousand Lenthean years ago, the magic of the ancestral world of the elves, dragons, dwarves and other Lenthean species were failing as the sapient species known as humans were quickly growing more numerous and upset the balance of the Elements with their way of living. Due to this, the species who were by far mankind's elders began to fear that the world they loved would soon no longer be able to sustain their existence. Therefore, after gathering for a Council, the decision to leave their home was made. Although most humans refused to listen to the advice of the elder and wiser races on their planet, a few hundred who had proven themselves to be more open-minded and had a greater understanding of the importance of balance, were invited to come with the elder races.

A Gate which not only spanned distance but also time, was opened by the most experienced sorcerers among the elder races, and taking with them only their kin among the animals and the humans who had wanted to come, the elder races left.

The transfer soon proved to be by far more difficult than the sorcerers had expected and thus many were lost before they were able to reach the world which they had chosen as their new home. So there was a far smaller number of the travelers when they finally arrived in the world that would be named Lentheas. Among those who were lost were the animal species which had been brought by the humans and also the ancient race of saurians which were the ancestors of the dragons, gryphons, and wyverns. But despite the losses, everyone soon set to explore their new home and choose areas where they would build their cities and other settlements.

The next few millennia were a peaceful time when trade between the various sapient races flourished and many dedicated their lives to developing the nature of the young planet which was their home, or to create new species to populate the wilderness or becoming domesticated to help those who did not possess the ability to control the magic of the Elements.

But then, five thousand years later, all that changed. It all began when the dragons discovered that their eggs were disappearing, and as dragons were master sorcerers at that time, they were soon able to discover that the eggs had been taken by humans and were being kept in their largest city, Dawnstar. At first dragonkind saw no reason for alarm, they had always viewed humans as a immature but fairly reasonable race, so they sent messengers to Dawnstar to request their eggs be returned.

However, when arriving at Dawnstar, the messengers were horrified to discover that the dragon eggs were used for experiments by human sorcerers. These news horrified most of the elder races and it was demanded that the sorcerer should cease their experiments at once and return the eggs to their parents. But still the rulers of Dawnstar refused, and when it became known that human sorcerers were even using magic in a way that could have catastrophic results for the entire world, the elder races formed an army to march against the humans if it would prove necessary. Only the elven race appeared to remain neutral, declining to participate in the negotiations with humankind. Slightly less than ten years after the theft of the dragon eggs had first been discovered, it became clear that the goal of the human sorcerers had been to create a type of dragon which would be unable to survive beyond hatching without bonding with a human or a elf.

This discovery resulted in shock and disbelief among the dragons, gryphons, dwarves and centaurs, so their leaders immediately sent a ultimatum to the leaders of humankind, demanding that they ceased what they were doing at once. Having grown arrogant in their ways, the humans refused again, and as they responded with threatening those who had sent the ultimatum, there was another shock as elvenkind now openly supported the human leaders.

Even after months of negotiations, the elven and human leaders still refused, the free dragons, the gryphons and their allies saw no other choice but to declare war. But when their armies marched towards the settlements belonging to humankind and elvenkind, they were not only met by the armies of the two humanoid races, but also tame dragons carrying their elven and human riders into battle. Despite the effort made to stop the human and elven armies, it ended in that the free dragons (who had never been a numerous species) were all slain except for those few who were captured by their domesticated kin. And in the end, it became evident that the two opposing forces were too equal to that any of them could defeat the other, so although the fighting continued, it was on a much smaller scale.

At the end of the war Dawnstar and the other great cities of mankind and elvenkind had been torn down, but the homes of the gryphons, dwarves and centaurs had not fared much better. Then, as diseases raged among the survivors, decreasing their numbers even more, there was no choice but to put and end to the fighting.

Centuries passed before any of the sapient races had reached even a semblance of their former strength, and though the reasons were long since forgotten except for in obscure stories and faery-tales, a lasting distrust existed between the races, elves and humans with their tame dragons on one side, while the gryphons and their allies opposed them. So at the present, twelve thousand years after the Arrival, no-on can remember the actual events. The sites where the combats raged are viewed as places of great evil and are avoided by all sapient species, and the conflict between the enemies are still very much alive even at this time.
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