Present Day Lentheas

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Present Day Lentheas

Postby Okamisan » Wed Mar 16, 2016 9:51 pm

The last ten years have been devastating ones for Lentheas. An attack on a hatching at Aurgath Lair precipitated a war that lasted over nine years. Fighting between gryphons, dwarves and centaurs on one side and dragons, humans and elves on the other wiped out at least half of the dragon and gryphon population of the world, along with thousands of humans, elves, dwarves and centaurs. Other species including the nagas, wyverns and unicorns suffered too.

In the end, the war was finally stopped in part through sheer exhaustion on both sides, and in part through the efforts of the leviathans, who still remember the horror wrought by the first wars at the birth of Lenthean dragonkind, and grieved deeply at the losses of the new conflict.

It is in large part thanks to the efforts of the leviathans that a great experiment has begun: WinterSun settlement. Before the war, WinterSun was a relatively new breeding lair for dragons. Now it is a cross- species settlement, where dragons, gryphons and their partnered species seek to heal the wounds of the past and live together peacefully. The settlement is looking forward to an infusion of new life, as both dragons and gryphons will soon celebrate a Hatching.

Elsewhere in Lentheas, the larger dragon Lairs have been attempting to raise and train new rider/dragon pairs before sending them out to seek their fortunes and calling elsewhere in the world. Aurgath Lair, which along with Aurgath City was particularly devastated early in the war, is now one of the few viable breeding Lairs on Lentheas. It too is looking to celebrate a Hatching, and dragonrider candidates are sorely needed.
Aurgath City has finally been almost completely rebuilt, though it has a long way to go to approach its days of glory before the war.

The smaller towns and villages of Lentheas are frequently in peril from rogue humans, dwarves and centaurs, along with many roving bands of goblins, who have thrived and actually grown in numbers over the chaotic years of war. Travel alone is an extremely risky business. Many dragonriders serve as the protectors of villages and towns, or as messengers and escorts between settlements.
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