Lord Starling: Adventure Prelude

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Lord Starling: Adventure Prelude

Postby Okamisan » Sun Feb 16, 2014 12:52 am

Lord Starling:

You have been spending the last few hours in the console room of the Tardis, perhaps working on sketches for some new creation, but also watching Harlan at work on the console. River and Katanya are elsewhere, probably in the hot spring room; Bryncat has not yet emerged from the Zero Room where she has been recovering from her regeneration. Dr. Morin has been in cold storage, with some kind of telepathic shielding to make sure he can't communicate with the insane Time Lord in the pocket watch. Lady Cameron has been asleep in Bryncat's room. But suddenly she steps into the console room.

It looks like she's found a change of clothes from somewhere; something actually not out of place for back home. Her hair is still loose and disheveled, though; and her eyes have an intense, almost haunted expression which is something you've never really seen in her before. Around her neck on a heavy chain is a roughly spherical piece of blackened metal, about half the size of a fist. She looks around the room, and her eyes widen as she recognizes you. "Rufus?! Is it really you? Where are we?"
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