River and Katanya -- Adventure Prelude

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River and Katanya -- Adventure Prelude

Postby Okamisan » Sun Feb 16, 2014 11:59 pm

[GM's note: I am starting you two off together, but if you want to go separate ways, it's no problem either!]


Some time has passed, as you transit the Vortex on your way to this dimension's Gallifrey, the home planet of the Time Lords. You are enjoying the downtime in the spa room of Harlan's Tardis -- in the company of the otters, who are quite charming. :bath: Their names, you have discovered, are Aituserk Lakesneak, Tupilek Sharpsoak, Iqniq Swiftmouth, Okau Shellcrack, and Daryl. [Thanks to Joe for that information!]

Harlan himself is in the console room, navigating the Tardis to your destination; Lord Starling is there also, working on some new gadget plans or something; Dr. Morin (aka the Froot Loop) is in telepathically shielded cold storage; Bryncat is in the Zero Room, recovering from her regeneration; and Lady Cameron is asleep in Bryncat's room.

I'm thinking that River (and you can correct me if I'm mistaken about this) is feeling a little bit sober at the moment, contemplating a visit to Gallifrey; in your home dimension, of course, Gallifrey is gone and the Time Lords with it -- most of them, anyway. And of course there's the question of the Doctor -- where is he, in this dimension?

I'd like each of you to give me an Awareness + Ingenuity roll. (See the instructions in the sticky post at the top of this forum.)
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