Katanya's Interlude

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Katanya's Interlude

Postby Okamisan » Sun May 18, 2014 10:38 pm

It is a short time after the visit to Gallifrey, while Harlan's TARDIS is on its way to find and rescue (this universe's counterpart of) the Doctor. You are walking down the short corridor from the spa room to your own bedroom, when you hear an unexpected sound. You pause a moment, listen, and hear it again, clearly enough to identify. It is the mewing of a kitten, clearly in distress.
If you've got eyes to rhythmatize / Bring your flat hat and your ax / 'Cause tonight at ten / We'll be working again / At the teahouse on the tracks
--Donald Fagen, "Teahouse on the Tracks," from the album Kamakiriad

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