River's Interlude

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River's Interlude

Postby Okamisan » Wed May 21, 2014 12:56 pm

After the trip to Gallifrey, and while you are on your way to locate and rescue (this universe's counterpart of) the Doctor, you are exploring a few passages within Harlan's TARDIS. Frequently during the time you've been aboard, you can feel something difficult to describe, poking just at the edges of your awareness. When something is more pressing, you tend to ignore it, but at this moment there is little else to concern you, so you have decided to try and pay attention just a little. And so you are exploring.

You pause in front of yet another plain, unmarked, unremarkable door. You should go in here. The whatever-it-is that's been poking at you ... somehow, what's in this room is important. You open the door, and step into a plain, dimly-lit room which is featureless save for a semi-circle of niches in the curving wall opposite the door, the sort of niches in which you might expect to find statuary. There are six niches. Four are empty; two contain tall, translucent, cylindrical vessels which are filled with a flowing, shifting light -- and unquestionably, consciousness. Whatever these things are, they are alive, aware -- and aware of your presence.
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