Aludra's Interlude

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Aludra's Interlude

Postby Okamisan » Wed May 21, 2014 1:11 pm

After leaving Gallifrey with the group of travellers who rescued you from prison (and helped restore your memory), you have been spending a great deal of your time -- maybe even all of it -- in a single "room" within Harlan's time/space ship (colloquially called a TARDIS, you've learned). It feels much less like a room and more as if somehow, there is a forest, acres of it, here. You've explored a fair bit of it, often in the company of Bryncat, the red-haired Time Lady who showed you the room in the first place.

"It replicates an environment Harlan showed me on a planet called Earth," she has explained to you. "It took some somewhat tricky bits of engineering, but all of this was, more or less, grown here."

Bryncat has also offered to explain to you anything she can about the forest, the rest of the TARDIS, the Time Lords, or anything else you might want to know. "There must be so much that doesn't make sense," she says. "Ask me anything."
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