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Re: Home, But Not Home -- Harlan and Lord Starling

Postby Okamisan » Mon Nov 10, 2014 11:57 pm

"I ... how do I know you're not ... how do I know I can trust you?" Munson asks. He's clearly very frightened, though almost equally obvious he knows something, if only he can be convinced to part with the information.

We'll handle this interaction rather like a combat. Munson rolls his Resolve+Convince to represent his fear and reluctance to talk, and gets a total of 14. Each of you can roll your Resolve+Convince. Harlan can add +2 for his Empathic trait, and Rufus can add +2 for his Voice of Authority trait. You need to beat Munson's 14, and if you do, each of you will do damage to Munson's Resolve based on your own Resolve and how much you beat the roll by. When Munson's Resolve hits zero, he'll be convinced to tell you what you need to know.

Tell me also what you are saying in character to convince him, along with your roll. If it's really good I might allow some bonus points to the roll.
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Re: Home, But Not Home -- Harlan and Lord Starling

Postby DarkKarma0 » Tue Nov 11, 2014 1:05 pm

Rolling for Harlan... result of 15. "First of all, we're a little too obvious for infiltration, don't you think? Long lost aristocrat, gone for years, shows up at your door. We stick out like a sore thumb. So no, not spies, not a trap. We're the cavalry. We have to confront Lady Julia -- or whatever she's become. She is using stolen technology. Cyber-technology. And we know what that is. We're your best chance of stopping this. Your only chance."

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