Tomilson in Charge

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Tomilson in Charge

Postby Okamisan » Mon Jan 07, 2013 11:09 pm

Originally posted 11/25/2005

Tomilson in Charge
DarkBio Team, Lovell Command

Logan, PK and Antonia -- or Toni as PK was calling her for short -- were sitting in the back of the shuttle waiting to arrive at the Lovell. Logan still couldn't believe the story that he had been told by Toni and PK. "I am surprised that Starfleet is letting him out of their grasp."

"Well, Mr. Doctor, that is where you come in. I have his medical records and you get to read them and then let me know exactly how he has been treated so far." PK smirked, knowing how much Logan hated that sort of thing.


"I told you I would get you back for your little snide comment before we saw the admiral." Toni just laughed.

The subject of their conversation was still in the pilot's seat. Whether he hadn't heard any of it, or was just pretending not to, none of the three could say for sure. "Ladies and gentlemen," he said, "we are approaching the Lovell. Please strap yourselves in -- it can get a little bumpy as we demate from the warp nacelles."

They could see the Lovell out of the shuttle's portside window -- one of the small Oberth-class science vessels, hanging in space like a white-and-blue jewel.

Strapping themselves in, the three doctors were excited yet nervous at what was in store for them. This was all new and none of them had any idea what the crew of the Lovell would think or what they would find.

"Hope you two are ready? This should prove to be an interesting journey." PK tried to keep her excitement in check but she knew it was showing in her eyes.

There were only a few slight bumps as the shuttle lifted off its warp-nacelle "sled," pirouetted like a dancer and glided into the Lovell's waiting shuttle bay. One other shuttle was already parked there, and the two filled the small bay completely. With one last bump, the shuttle came to a stop.

The shuttle's hatch opened, and Gresseal was up and out of his seat, leading the way to it. Undoing their straps PK, Logan and Toni all stood, stretching their legs and back muscles. "I hate bumpy rides," stated PK.

They gathered their gear, still laughing at Toni's over-abundance, and followed Gresseal out. Looking around they noticed that there was at least one other shuttle in the bay. "Commander, I hope you know the way as I don't see a welcoming committee," PK said. "I hope this isn't a sign of things to come." Logan simply shook his head, still trying to stifle a laugh.

"Give it just a moment, Lieutenant," he said, pointing toward the interior bay doors, which were just beginning to open. As the new arrivals reached the foot of the shuttle ramp, a pair of officers were crossing the deck -- a male human and a female Andorian.

"Welcome, Commander," the human said. "And to your team. I'm Captain Patrick Laporte, in command of the Lovell. This is my exec and chief science officer, Commander Fayali." The Andorian bowed briefly from the shoulders.

Gresseal introduced PK, Logan and Antonia. "I believe my team is quite eager to get started," he said with a little smile.

"No doubt," Captain Laporte said. "We could try and answer a few questions while we show you to your quarters, if you like -- or would it be easier to go over the full brief after you drop your things off?"

Somehow PK had become the spokesperson for the ragtag group, even though she hated it and would rather be doing anything else. "Actually Captain, if you have someone who can just take these bags to our quarters, I believe we would like to hear about this discovery of yours. We can always unpack afterwards." Looking at Toni, PK smirked, "Is that okay with you, Miss Girl Scout -- or was it Boy Scout?"

"I think that can be arranged," Laporte said, looking amused.

"In that case, doctors, please follow me," the Andorian said, already leading the way back toward the doors leading to the interior of the ship.

The three rather curious doctors followed the Andorian. "Toni, how many Andorians have you seen?"

Logan said, "I think I have only seen maybe four or five, and that was at the academy."

PK turned to look at Logan, who said quickly, "Oh no you don't! I have enough research to do. You're on your own for this one."

PK then said, "Commander Fayali, what can you tell us so far as to what you have found?"

"It's quite intriguing," the Andorian said. "We are presently holding station just outside what we believe to be the borders of First Federation space -- it's been quite a few years now since our last contact. There is a small asteroid cloud here. We began by scanning some of the nearby asteroids and found there were microbial lifeforms on a number of them."

She led them through several corridors, up a short lift, and finally into a large lab complex as she spoke. "We have samples in isolabs here. The first thing we have established is that the transporter's biofilters don't seem to catch these little guys, so we're working carefully, needless to say."
Listening intently Toni spoke up first. "These lifeforms were on the asteroids? What kind of containers do you have them in? Did the biofilters alter their makeup in any way?"

PK and Logan both looked at Toni. "Geez, got anything else that can't wait?" PK said, adding, "I'm sorry Commander, Lt. Varga tends to get overexcited."

Toni looked at PK and stuck her tongue out at her. Whispering, PK again looked at Toni. "That's two I owe you." They continued to follow the Commander, eager to see these lifeforms.
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