Medical Records, Part One

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Medical Records, Part One

Postby Okamisan » Mon Jan 07, 2013 11:12 pm

Originally posted 11/27/2005

Medical Records (part one)
Tomilson and Tremaine

Before boarding the Lovell Commander Gresseal's medical files arrived via courier. The information was rather extensive and she knew Logan was going to hate her for pawning the task on him, but she didn't really want him to feel left out. She had merely glanced at it before packing it in her bag, she would give it to Logan once they were on the shuttle.

Checking the time she realized she still had a few hours to go....and curiosity was getting the best of her so...she reached back into her bag and took out the information. Fixing herself a drink she curled up on the large stuffed chair and began to read. She already had a basic background of information thanks to the font of information known to the rest of the galaxy as Antonia Varga.

The basics as she knew them, without reading the files, were that the Commander was born without an immune system. Because of this, something called the "Great Dying" had occurred on his homeworld, causing the death of thousands of people. Since he left his he has been under the scrutiny of Starfleet Command and Starfleet Medical undergoing various treatments and experiments to build up his immune system. According to him, he was at no more risk than any of the others unless they were to come across a pathogen that there was no known inoculation for.

Logan had been assigned the daunting task of reviewing Commander Gresseal's file and a huge one it was. Placing it on the desk, he got up and retrieved a glass of water, returned to the desk and began to read. After several hours of reading and severe eye strain the chime to his quarter's went off. Finally he thought, a break. "Enter."

He turned to see who was going to walk through the door and he shouldn't have been the least surprised. "PK what are you doing here? Haven't you caused me enough grief for one day?"

"Well, if that is what you think it is forgive me for giving you a learning experience. I actually came here to help you but if you don't want my help then I will be more than happy to leave." She turned and started to head to the door.

"PK, come on. Have you seen how much information there is here? This will take me all night just to glance through it. Please stay?"

"Oh, alright. Let's see what you have." PK sat down at the desk next to Logan and began to go through the information. After reading for a while she was amazed. "You mean to tell me he that when he left his homeworld he was eighteen yrs old and that was seventeen years ago? You couldn't tell it by looking at him. That's for sure. He looks to be at least fifty or so."

Continuing to read they discovered that indeed that he was chronologically thirty-five, yet in appearance and physiologically he was in his mid-fifties. They both wondered how that could be. So they kept on reading. They discovered that according to Dr. Dorian Lawrence that when Gresseal left his homeworld his life expectancy shortened. This was all too strange for just the two of them. Toni was the history buff. They decided to include her in this fact finding mission.

PK took her communicator and called Toni. "Lt. Varga, please report to Ensign Tremaine's quarter's at once." PK looked at Logan and smiled. "That should peak her interest." Logan just smiled.
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