People At Aurgath Lair

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People At Aurgath Lair

Postby Okamisan » Mon Jun 16, 2014 12:48 pm

A partial list of characters living and working at Aurgath Lair at the present time:

Enelord Skystrike (Elven male), dragon black Windsvoice
Harmony Carado (Human female), dragon red Stormchanger
Zhaviera Ravenlock (Elven female), dragon crystal Sentoryu
Melleryn (Human female), dragon bronze Hestia

Shara Luweill (Human female)
Fayal Windsinger (Elven male)
Maranda of Westhold (Human female)
Faidlay Ryonna of Crater Well (Human male)
Irino of Crater Well (Human male)
Tressa Starbinder (Elven female)

Gralleri (Human male), Candidate Trainer, dragon green Skirya
Silverian (Elven male), Dragonrider Trainer
Dalara (Human female), ex-dragonrider
Ionesthus (Human male), beast healer
Darnot (Human male), beast healer, dragon black Koulani

Kaliko (Human female), dragon gold Kinboshi
Martell (Human male), dragon black Wildspeaker
Ranesis Nathath (Elven male), dragon amethyst Polarin
Saras (Human female), dragon green Victoria
Melander (Human male), dragon black Garthon
Grathea (Human female), dragon green Maylin
Aeon Flora (Elven female), dragon green Plumeria (young)
Skaylonden (Human female), dragon gold Arummantha
Elowyn (Elven female), dragon green Cadogan
Talon Oculont (Human male), dragon steel ?
Keron (Human male), dragon green ?
Markep (Human male), dragon black ?

Dragon steel Tachi (bond of a human female Aurgath Lair gatekeeper)
Dragon black Malikan (yearling, bond to a human male)
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