Draconic Races (including Gryphons)

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Draconic Races (including Gryphons)

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Originally created by Tioan

Lenthean dragon
Climate/terrain: Lenthean dragons do well in any terrain and climate except for the arctic, provided that there is a stable and self-sustaining source of prey available.

Mental abilities: while it may vary slightly between the colors -- browns, reds, crystals and silvers generally being considered to be slightly smarter than the others -- the intelligence of the Lenthean dragons is generally set along the same range as humans and elves. However, it also seems like the three larger colors and the occasional sport may be a bit less empathic than the smaller colors.

Special Abilities: basic abilities of all Lenthean dragons are telepathy, empathy, minor telekinesis and elemental magic linked to Fire and Air. However, the strength of such abilities can vary between the colors -- blues and some sports are also capable of using non-elemental magic, including the ability to teleport.

Society: while it is a fact that the Lenthean dragons have been affected by the races of human and elf, as they are dependent on bonding with one to live, they have still managed to develop something which may be considered a society. To a certain degree, a dragon's rank is determined by its rider, although the color and skill of the dragon can also affect such matters. In the Lairs, matters of rank are often more strictly enforced, the chain of command being important to make things move smoothly and to make sure that a good relationship between riders and non-riders is upheld. But still, among the Lenthean dragons, seniority and experience is more often important qualities in a leader and potential leader-- as they are far more comfortable with following someone who is more likely to know what he or she is doing. Also among the dragons, color IS a matter to be considered, but it is not as important as the former when it comes to choose a leader. Among wandering dragons and riders, rank is generally far less important as they are rather independent and strong-minded spirits, and they have a tendency to regard Lair-dwelling dragons with contempt.

Being a carnivorous race, Lenthean dragons can be quite dangerous despite their intelligence, and they will attack and even kill someone they perceive as a threat with little in the way of moral qualms-- especially when they are young and have not yet learned much in the terms of self-control or less lethal methods of dealing with a threat. Still, there has been times when even adult dragons have killed riders or civilians that they have taken a dislike to. While a female dragon comes into 'season' only once a year, usually during winter, they can and do develop intimate relationships with male dragons who they like. When ready to Fly, the female dragon will invite a number of males which she likes, making them prove themselves in a chase before she chooses the one she likes the best. Size of the clutches produced by a fertile female vary from color to color:

The large females can produce all colors.
BROWNS: 15-20 eggs in each clutch.
REDS: 20-30 eggs in each clutch.
BRONZES: 10-15 eggs in each clutch.

The medium females will never produce browns, reds, silvers or bronzes.
FERTILE GOLDS: 1-3 eggs in each clutch.
CRYSTALS: 10-15 eggs in each clutch.

The small females will only produce greens, blacks, steels, crystals and sports.
FERTILE BLACK AND WHITES: 5-9 eggs in each clutch.
FERTILE BLUE AND GREENS: 3-5 eggs in each clutch.

Description: the Lenthean dragons are medium-sized dragons native to the planet Lentheas. Their heads are wedge-shaped, with a thorn-shaped horn between the nostrils and two horns curve backwards from the top of the head. Slender and lean of build, they are still extremely tough and strong dragons-- something that make them excellent fighters. From just behind the horn at the nose starts a double row of thorn-shapes spikes that run all the way down to the tail, which end in a blade of bone. The wing-span is twice the entire length of the dragon-- with four wing-fingers and a wing-thumb that ends in a long claw. Lenthean dragons have the ability to breathe fire, and they also have an innate talent for using the magic of the elements of fire and air. A dragon's body is covered with leathery and almost impenetrable scales that come in a wide variety of colors which determine a dragon's size and sometimes abilities.

Females, 70-80 feet long.
The browns are the rarest and most intelligent of the dragon colors. At most, there have been recorded three browns existing at the same time, so due to the nomadic lifestyles lead by many dragonriders, there are no exact records of the abilities of brown dragons. However, they are known to possess an exceptional talent for telepathy which permits them to not only speak with their rider and other dragons, but also other riders and non-riders if they choose to. Brown dragons are also known to be fertile.

Females,70-75 feet long.
Like all other dragons, the reds are capable of breathing fire, but they also have the unique ability to spit a paralyzing gas which they use to disable a charging opponent or when hunting. Reds possess only a limited ability within the use of magic, they will also only bond to female human or elves, without exceptions. Also reds are fertile and dragons of this color are always producing far larger clutches than any of the other fertile females.

Males, 65-72 feet long.
Silvers are the largest and most physically powerful than any of the other male colors. They are more easily angered than other dragons and many of this color can have a tendency to fly straight into danger without considering the consequences, a trait they occasionally share with their riders. A silver dragon will most often choose male humans and elves as their riders, but female silver riders aren't completely unheard of.

Females, 58-65 feet long.
The bronze dragons are extremely protective of dragon eggs and younglings, so it is this color that most often are the protectors of the Hatching Caves and nurseries. However, bronzes are incapable of aggression if it isn't guarding a nest of eggs or youngling dragons, so they are useless in any other kind of fighting. A bronze dragon will always choose a rider who's mild-mannered, and bronzes can choose both men and women as riders.

Females, 50-58 feet long.
Blue dragons are known to be experts in the use of magic, their magic being more powerful than that of any others. It is also the use of their magic that renders a blue infertile, so theoretically, a blue that never used magic at all could clutch. Blue dragons will always seek to subdue any opponents through magic before they would inflict physical harm. This color can choose both men and women as riders, but the person a blue bonds to will always have some magical talents.

Females, 50-58 feet long.
The golds have no magical abilities at all, other than their exceptional telepathic talent. Like blues, golds are usually sterile due to the strength of their talent, though there have been a few very rare incidents when a gold has clutched a egg or two after a mating flight. As human and elven females are usually better telepaths than males, golds will almost always choose females as their riders.

Asexual, 45-50 feet long.
Greens are the most numerous of the dragon colors and the number of greens equals the number of all the other colors put together. They are asexual and thus sterile, but also excellent fliers who are incredibly fast and agile in the air, something that also makes them excellent fighters. Greens can choose both males and females as riders, although male green riders are more common. The riders of green dragons are also often more likely to end up as freelancers and wanderers, preferring such a life rather than attaching themselves to a Lair.

Males, 40-45 feet long.
They are incredible strong and most are able to outfly any other color if they put their mind to it, so it's not unheard of for a black to sire a red's or bronze's clutch, but such clutches tend to be far smaller than normal. Blacks are generally thought of as choosing exclusively male riders, finding it easier to attune to 'male minds'. But there are records of the occasional female rider as well.

Males, 35-43 feet long.
Steel-colored dragons were bred to be warriors, bothering with little else. They only care for fighting and killing, and are also very easily angered, so they and their riders usually live apart from all other dragons, or any inhabited areas for that matter. Both women and men can ride steels, but they are always hardy people who make excellent warriors.

Females, 30-35 feet long.
The crystal dragons are considered to be the most beautiful of the dragon colors, and except the browns, they are also the most intelligent. They are nimble of build and with their shimmering crystal scales, they are a immense sight in flight. However, though crystals are fertile, they are the second rarest of the dragon colors and at best, a crystal hatches in every fiftieth clutch. Crystals prefer women as their riders, but there have been some rare incidents when a man have been chosen.

This dragon variant was created by elven and human sorcerers ages ago when the world was still at peace. Occurring infrequently in dragon clutches, the sports can possess any of the qualities of the nine normal dragon colors, or they can display unique and surprising talents. There are four variants of sport dragons;

[Black and white mottled]
Females, 30-35 feet long.

Males, 25-30 feet long.

Males, 15-20 feet long.

[Iridescent blue and green]
Female, 15-20 feet long.

Size at birth: 50-100 cm long.
Size at maturity: 15-80 feet long.
Time to maturity: 3-5 years(females mature more slowly).

Combat: the preferred method of fighting for the Lenthean dragons is usually aerial combat. Not only do they feel safer when on the wing, but fighting when in the air gives them the opportunity to use their full range of abilities-- from their agility, strength, teeth, talons and tail, to safely make use of their talent for Fire and Air magic. A well trained Lenthean dragon in top physical condition is a formidable opponents in combat, as in addition to the abilities previously mentioned, there are few standard weapons of war that can actually hurt them and much less hit them provided that they see it coming. Just imagine how horrifying it would be to see a dragon swoop down to grab a number of your fellow fighters right off the ground and drop them to their deaths, or be caught in a blast of scorching fire or bone shattering air. But even on the ground a Lenthean dragon can be dangerous. Although it may have to be careful with using its talents for magic to avoid harming itself, it can still use teeth, talons or other such physical weapons, or it can simply use its bulk to crush you-- especially in the case of the larger colors. And while the sport colors may be smaller, they are rarely any less deadly, their small bulk, ability and speed making them dangerous opponents even in heavy forested terrain and the like.

Race weaknesses: dependent on their rider and the telempathic bond they share to live, a Lenthean dragon can often be disposed off by killing its rider. There is no sure way of telling how a dragon will react, however -- it all depends on the dragon's personality, mental state at the time and, it is believed, his or her strength of mind. Some might enter a suicidal rage, or slip into a catatonic state. Less often, a dragon might live out his or her life in a Lair or in the wilds, though they rarely live more than a few more years. Sometimes however, older, more independent and flexible dragons may live for decades without a rider, or managing to Bond again.

General Description: although they are cousins of the Lenthean dragons, the wyverns of Lentheas are noticeably different from their relatives. Much more lizard-like, the wyverns have flat, beak-like muzzles and they become only 50 cm to 1 meter long total. The body of a wyvern is long, but well muscled-- particularly in the chest-area and the tail is long and heavily built, ending in a spade-shaped scale. Despite their relationship with the dragons, wyverns come only in six colors; gold(female), silver(male), amber(male), green(female), bronze(female) and white(male). There is no noticeable difference in size between these colors. A wyvern is easily as smart as any human and they are also capable of speaking out loud, although the majority prefer telepathic communication. Although wyverns aren't dependent on the same unbreakable bond with another sentient being, as the dragons are, a wyvern will nevertheless develop a strong attachment to anyone who is present when they hatch. However, there are no certainty that a wyvern will choose to stay with a human or elven companion for its entire life. Female wyverns are considered adults from when they are 20-25 years old, and male wyverns become adults between 15-20 years old-- and they can become as old as 150 years.

Special Abilities: telepathy, teleportation and telekinesis. Many Lenthean wyverns also have abilities within the area of pyromancy and aeromancy-- like the Lenthean dragons.

Specific Physical Statistics.
Size at birth: 10-15 cm long.
Size at maturity: 50-100 cm.
Time to maturity: 15-25 years.
Lifespan: 120-150 years.
How often can the creature get pregnant: once every four years.
How long between pregnancies: usually 4-8 years.
How long is it pregnant: 9-10 months.
Are all females fertile (barring accidents): yes.
Are all males fertile (barring accidents): yes.
How many offspring can the creature have at once: 1-6.
Is there sex linked traits (like color):
Gold- female. Silver- male. Amber- male. Green- female. Bronze- female. White- male.

Lithir Dragon
General Description: created only very recently, the Lithir dragons are still very few in numbers and due to that those currently in existence are still quite young, it is difficult to say exactly what talents they may turn out to be in possession of. A result of one of the more successful Lenthean experiments that is being done to bring back the Ea dragons, Lithir dragons may be small, but they are bred for independence and do therefore form a much lighter mental bond with their person than any Lenthean dragon is capable of-- it is also believed that a Lithir dragon can leave his or her person permanently without harmful effects.

Of basic appearance, the Lithir dragons resemble the blue Ea dragon the most, but they come in all the colors of the Lenthean dragons-- although genders have been reversed. Small and light of build, the Lithirs are extremely fast and agile, and they seem to be in possession of a extraordinary endurance-- they are capable of participating in games that can last for hours and that would exhaust any Lenthean dragon. This with no ill effects except for a ravenous appetite afterwards.

While Lithir dragons are just as intelligent as the Ea dragons was believed to be, they are still quite playful and they seem to be quite interested in the doings of the humanoid races-- always wanting to learn more about them and other things in the culture of each of those races.

However, it did not take long before it was discovered that the Lithir dragons had a unusual talent-- cryomancy, and further tests revealed that they also had a talent for geomancy, while they were pathetically weak in pyromancy and aeromancy. Their telepathy was as strong as any gold Lenthean's however, and they also had some minor talent in telekinesis.

Special Abilities: described above. The magical talents of a Lithir dragon is innate and they are capable of use magic properly from within days after hatching.

Oddities: unlike the eggs of Lenthean dragons, Lithir dragons must incubate their eggs in temperatures below zero.

Specific Physical Statistics.
Size at birth: 1-10 cm long.
Size at maturity: 15-80 cm long.
Time to maturity: 1-2 years(females mature more slowly).
Lifespan: 100-150 years.
Mental Abilities: while quite intelligent, young Lithir dragons are also very trusting, in fact they are unable to imagine that anyone would harm them or use them to harm others. However, while they more or less grow out of this trust with age and experience, it is all too easy to get a youngling to use its talent to do great harm to an are-- therefore their existence is mostly kept a secret and the control on who gets one is extremely strict.

How often can the creature get pregnant: once a year.
How long between pregnancies: at least eight months.
How long is it pregnant: 3 months.
Are all females fertile (barring accidents): yes
Are all males fertile (barring accidents): yes.
How many offspring can the creature have at once: 1-4.
Is there sex linked traits (like color):
Brown- male. 70-80 cm long.
Red- male. 70-75 cm long.
Silver- female. 65-72 cm long.
Bronze- male. 58-65 cm long.
Blue- male. 50-58 cm long.
Gold- male. 50-58 cm long.
Green- male. 45-50 cm long.
Black- female. 40-45 cm long.
Steel- female. 35-43 cm long.
Crystal- male. 30-35 cm long.
Black and white mottled- male. 30-35 feet long.
Amethyst- female. 25-30 cm long.
Amber- female. 15-20 cm long
Iridescent blue and green- male. 15-20 cm long.

General Description: the Lenthean gryphon can become as old as 500 years, and they are considered adults when they are approximately a century old, although males can be a little slower to reach maturity. Gryphons are cousins of the dragons, half eagle and half feline, the gryphons are the only winged beings who can be compared with the dragons in size and power. The gryphons is a proud and often vain species of avians and they also possess a intense dislike of dragons, which was one of the reasons that made gryphons ally themselves with the dwarves and centaurs in the first place. Most gryphons are black, with a crest of feathers on their heads which signify which Element they are aligned to, although there are some very rare exceptions. Unlike dragons, gryphons do not require to bond with another creature to survive beyond hatching, although many young gryphons will choose to team up with a dwarven rider to whom they can be amazingly loyal. All gryphons mate for life and the loss of his or hers mate is always a troubling experience to a gryphon.

Special Abilities: Lenthean gryphons are capable of using elemental magic, in addition to telepathy and telekinesis.

Specific Physical Statistics.
Size at birth: about 1 meter long.
Size at maturity: 60-80 feet long.
Time to maturity: 100-120 years.
Lifespan: 450-500 years.

How often can the creature get pregnant: once every 10 years.
How long between pregnancies: 9 years.
How long is it pregnant: 12-13 months.
Are all females fertile (barring accidents): yes.
Are all males fertile (barring accidents): yes.
How many offspring can the creature have at once: 2-8.

Is there sex linked traits (like color):

70-75 feet long.
The firegryphons belong to the element of Fire and they can only use magic coming from this element, fire making and the ability to create flashes of dazzling light are a few examples.
Males; black with yellow crests.
Females; black with golden crests.
Sports; red with black crests (extremely rare).

65-72 feet long.
Airgryphons use the element of Air in their magic, which make them capable of summoning storms or creating tornadoes. Though less inclined to despise dragons than the rest of their species airgryphons often participate in attacks, helping their kin to sneak upon a target by creating wast dust storms or snowstorms in northern areas.
Males; black with white crests.
Females; black with silver crests.
Sports; silver with black and white crests (extremely rare).

60-67 feet long.
Their Talents aligned with the element of water, the water gryphons are capable of creating tsunamis and changing ocean-currents, to mention a few things. Unlike others of their kind, the watergryphons have a great love for water and will often hunt for prey in the ocean or large lakes, they can also spend hours swimming or playing in water.
Males; black with blue and green crests.
Females; black with green and silver crests.
Sports; green with blue and black crests.

70-80 feet long.
The earthgryphons prefer to live in wast forests and they never thrive in the mountains which are favored by others of their kind. Capable of creating earthquakes or rendering large areas or land sterile, are some of what a earthgryphon can be capable of doing.
Males; black with green crests.
Females; black with green and copper crests.
Sports; copper with black and brown crest (extremely rare).
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